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Munich Real Estate: Challenging market for expats

Munich is one of the most attractive cities in Germany, but also one the most expensive city, due to high demand. Rental prices are quickly above 20 €/sqm, especially for furnished temporary housing. If you plan to buy some property, in good areas you can expect to pay above 10.000 €/sqm. Eitherway, it can be downright frustrating sometimes try to secure a proper place to live in Munich, or to sell your property in the bavarian capital. This is already true for locals, but even more so for expats – as you probably don’t speak fluent German and you also probably don’t know the pitfalls and your rights.

A professional partner will assist you

Whether you want to buy or sell a flat or house, rent or let a flat, or simply need professional advice on real estate matters, we recommend that you get a reliable and competent real estate agent, to be your partner by your side. And in this context, we do recommend to you Spotlight Real Estate.

Spotlight Real Estate is an independent real estate agency that specializes in the Munich market. With more than 10 years of experience, a strong international network and fluent english service Spotlight Real Estate offers a 5-star service for expats who live in Munich or want to move there.

Special advantage for Expats with our selected partner

Spotlight Real Estate offers you the following advantages:

Full English service

They offer fluent service fully in English. They also help you to navigate through the jungle of local administrative tasks and forms, so that you save time and don’t risk of running into any issues


the owner of the agency, Heiko Kaufmann, has been an expat for many years in countries like US, Canada, Singapore and India. The real great thing is, that he knows the typical needs from expats, who try to get support on real estate, like finding an apartment in Munich or having questions on processes and formalities

Market knowledge

Spotlight Real Estate knows the Munich real estate market very well, being around for more than ten years. Whether you are looking for a flat in Bogenhausen, a house at Lake Starnberg or a plot of land in the surrounding area, or want to sell one, we are sure they will find the optimal solution for you.


Many real estate agents in Munich still use traditional methods to advertise properties. Spotlight Real Estate uses top modern technologies and marketing strategies to present and market properties in an optimal way. From attractive social media posts to virtual tours and home staging, Spotlight Real Estate is providing benefits to ist customers – we really enjoy their video tours!

Top customer feedback

We wouldn’t have selected this agency as our partner, it they wouldn’t have a clear proven track record. Especially international customers are very excited about our premium service, and thus there are many 5-star testimonials. So this is definitly one of the top agents in Munich!

Typical rates / fees of hiring an agent in Munich

For buying or selling a property in Munich, the standard rate you pay is currently 3,57% of the final price of the property. This agency fee is usually covered by buyer and by seller – meaning: both pay 3,57%. This amount is not fixed by law, so it might be less or more. You might wonder, why this is such a odd figure. The reason is the 19% tax surcharge (VAT), which is added to the 3% fee (19% of 3% is 0,57%, this gets added on top of the 3% base fee).

For renting an apartment, usually you don’t pay any fee to a real estate agent, unless you ask the agent to help you find one („search request“). In that case, the typical fee is the value of a single or a double months rent, in some cases there might also be a fixed price fee.

For any professional consulting, the cost rate is typically about 150 – 220 Euros per hour.

Special expat offer & contact

We have negotiated a special deal for you as Munich expat: Spotlight Real Estate will offer you free individual consulting for up to 30 minutes. Make use of this great service! And in case you own a property which you plan to sell, they offer a free professional home evaluation, worth 590 Euros.

So if you are looking for a trustworthy and professional partner for your real estate transactions in Munich, you are in good hands with Spotlight Real Estate. Contact them as follows:

Spotlight Real Estate, Lohengrinstraße 37, Munich

Tips for finding a rental apartment

Many expats are looking to find a rental apartment in Munich, and this is for them a big challenge. We have collected some of the best tips to find a rental apartment in Munich. If you need any other support, use the contact given above by the broker agent Spotlight Real Estate. Have a great stay in Munich!

Special: Finding shop space for your business in Munich

If you are looking to open up a business or want to expand, you might need some shop space, storage room or office space. Best locations are typically the city center areas where you will get a lot of walk-in customers. However, fees can be very high with rents high above 30 €/sqm. For office space, you can currently get decent space for about 20 €/sqm. The rental contracts typically run for at least 5 years, but often you can bargain if you need more flexible terms. In any case, a commercial real estate agent for munich can help you to find just the right object to lease or to buy. Good to know: Typically, you don’t pay any commission to the commercial real estate agent, as he is already paid by the owner who is selling or leasing out his space.

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